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At Inquisitive Minds, we believe that you get what you pay for!

Our Workshops are completely unique. You will not find a workshop like this elsewhere!

Keep in mind that when you pay for "Out of the Box", you are paying for quality professional learning for your teachers and for four members of our team to teach, motivate and entertain your students. You are paying for months of development, the specialised experience of our team, the hand-made resources and the hours of packing and repacking the hands-on equipment. The list goes on…..

Try us and see for yourself. We find that once schools have had the Inquisitive Minds experience, they don’t look back….

Some schools use money from their budget. Many schools find though, that parents are more than willing to pay for quality educational experiences such as "Out of the Box" for themselves. We have recently heard of schools funding part of the cost of a day and asking parents to pay the gap. 

Central Venues:

The price for a four hour workshop (including breaks) in a Central Venue is $30 (plus GST) per head.

In-School Workshops:

When you hire us for a day in your school, we do not charge a per head price. The price for a whole day of workshops is $1950 (plus GST). It is up to you how you use our time.

We are able to run two half day workshops, each catering for up to 90 students or two three shorter workshops, each catering for up to 90 students.

The cost of a part-day workshop is $1700 (plus GST). For this price, we will run two workshops, with each workshop catering for up to 90 students. One workshop will run from the start of the day until first break and one from first until second break. 


Phone or email Inquisitive Minds to register interest.

Discuss the structure of your day with Inquisitive MInds.

Pay a $200 deposit to Inquisitive Minds to secure your booking.

Book your school hall.

Hand out and collect permission slips and money from students.

(We will email you a permission note.)

Complete a risk assessment.

(We will email you a risk assessment.)

Organise enough helpers so that there is at least one assistant for each ten students.

Pay the outstanding balance at least two weeks prior to the event.

Photocopy the handouts which will be emailed to you.

Set up the school hall with a data projector and screen, tables and chairs prior to the day.

(Hall set up plan will be emailed to you and if the projector is an issue, just let us know.)

Organise access to your hall, so that Inquisitive Minds are able to start setting up an hour before the start of you first Workshop.

Assist with supervision and marking throughout the day.

We recommend that there is at least one assistant for every ten students who attend an OOTB Workshop. This ensures that students have their answers marked quickly and gives time for individualised instruction.

Assistants may include teachers, teacher’s aides, parents or older students. 

If you are able to provide more assistants than required, this will enable the day to run even more effectively. 

We have found that having more assistants allows teachers to take more time to help students who are struggling and it also allows them to take time to observe what areas of work students are finding easier and what they are finding more challenging.

We are able to cater for up to 90 students at one time.

All of our Workshops target strategic problem solving, but each has a different different content and focus.

The focus of our Stage 2 OOTB Workshops is to help students with the literacy of problem solving.

We offer two different Stage 2 Workshops.

In our first Stage 2 Workshop, we teach students' logical reasoning skills and the process of problem solving. We model the use of Newman's Error Analysis throughout this Workshop.

In our alternate year Stage 2 Workshop, we look at interpreting questions, drawing diagrams and making models.

The focus of our Stage 3 OOTB Workshops is to extend students' problem solving toolkit.

We offer two different Workshops to Stage 3 students.

In our first Stage 3 Workshop, we model the use of Newman's Error Analysis and build on students' ability to use logical reasoning. We also look at working backwards, (which is a foundational skill for solving equations once they move to high school).

In our alternate year Stage 3 Workshop, we look at the value of using models and diagrams in the problem solving process. We also specifically target the need for students to look for patterns when they solve problems. 

Our Talented Stage 3 Workshops focus on the same strategies as our standard Stage 3 Workshops, only they use different questions and dealve a lot deeper ....



We pitch the mini-lesson differently when presenting it to different groups. We can adapt the content and presentation to make it easier or more challenging, depending on the needs and/or ages of your students.

The hands-on relay starts with easy questions and works up to very challenging ones. The easy questions are designed to be challenging, yet achievable, for students who struggle with maths. Very capable students will move through the easy section of the relay very quickly and then spend the bulk of their time on the more challenging questions. In this way, the relay caters for students from a range of different abilities.

In a word – BOTH!

OOTB is a workshop designed to help students to solve problems more strategically. It explicitly outlines the steps involved in the problem solving process. It shows students the value of using ‘tricks’ when solving problems and gives them the opportunity of using some of these in a hands-on problem solving relay.

Teachers attend OOTB with their students. As they watch the workshop unfold, they will have the excitement of seeing their students completely engaged in a cooperative learning maths experience. They will see their students “Working Mathematically” and observe unique and innovative ways of presenting maths in a REAL LIFE context!

There is also the oprion of adding an Inquisitive Minds Professional Learning session at the end of your day of student Workshops.