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“Thankyou. It was very enjoyable and great to go away with hands on practical activities for the classroom.”

“So engaging! Thanks.”

“A great session!”

“Thank you a great practical session.”


The best thing about the Professional Learning session was:


  • The tactile nature of the activities. Hands on. The levelled activities. Showing solving of activities and variety of solutions.
  • Engaging activities – hands on. Visual aids – power points and discussions. Friendly/ happy to talk.
  • Having a go at the problems.
  • Great activities.
  • Practical hands on examples of questions for students and the thought processes required to solve questions. Easy explanation of topics.
  • It was very, very engaging and practical for the classroom. I got lots of new ideas and I can’t wait to use them.
  • I loved the activities – when is the book and movie coming out?
  • Broad spectrum of ideas to use at all stages of maths activities.
  • Using a variety of strategies, equipment, dynamic and explained thoroughly.
  • Hands on activities. Working with a partner.


Teachers from Mc Cauley Catholic Central School


“Thanks for getting the brain thinking!”

It was great to participate in activities and learn as a student. Lots of fun and teamwork.


The best thing about the Professional Learning session was:


  • Learning about how to apply problem solving strategies in a fun way.
  • Ideas for the classroom
  • Practical ideas. Chance to formulate own questions.
  • Barrier games
  • Different concepts
  • Hands - on
  • The enthusiasm generated
  • The interactive activities
  • The relays and example activities
  • The variety of different activities to show as samples.


Teachers from Tangara School for Girls


“Loved the session.”

“Keep it real... great work!”

“Helpful, practical, adaptable.”

“Helpful, realistic and well thought through ideas and activities!”

“Excellent. Hands on activitites that could be taken straight to the classroom.”


The best thing about the Professional Learning session was:


  • The wonderful ideas for our stage. Resources for activities were affordable.
  • Repetition of basics, custom.
  • Being a student, cups, encouraging us to get students to create questions.
  • Generalising of ideas and how to use simple resources.
  • Doing activities.
  • Discussions with the instructor about suggestions for kinder activities and variations.
  • Being involved all day and seeing the full range of the program.
  • Hands on use of maths as well as ideas for the classroom.
  • Having a go myself - exercising the logical brain.
  • It was fun and I came away with so many ideas.
  • Finding new ways to teach concepts and realising that you can re-use so many resources.
  • Hands on activities and lots of things to take away.


Teachers from Ultimo Public School


“Age appropriate, easy to understand, relevant and practical.”

Rebecca Roche


The best thing about the Professional Learning session was:


  • Hands on and engaging nature of the course
  • Relay (4)
  • Practical problem solving and engaging questions.
  • Motivation
  • Hand on activities (4)
  • Logical thinking
  • How hands on and practical it was
  • Lots of practical ideas
  • Hands on (4)
  • Resources
  • Hands on practical ideas
  • The ideas for classroom
  • Short sharp bursts for us
  • Using my brain
  • The whole thing
  • All the hands on activities were great and engaging.
  • Hands on – very important for end of day.
  • Hands on / extension work
  • Relays and battle / barrier games
  • Engagement

Teachers from Murray Farm Public School



“Engaging for all participants.”

“Creative, engaging and fun! J

“Loved the activities.”

“Interactive, engaging! Even got teachers focused!”

“Showing staff maths can be fun.”

“Fantastic idea for teachers to enter the mind of a student again.”


Teachers from Manly Vale Public School



“An excellent problem solving workshop to inspire the staff. A great follow up to the student workshop.”

Lisa Phillips AP MVPS



The best thing about the Professional Learning session was:


  • The interactive challenges and the equipment.
  • Modelling of the Singapore method – very useful
  • Different questions/ collaboratively working with a teacher that I do not normally work with.
  • The relay – working at different questions. Very interactive.
  • Collaborative learning
  • Engaging and relevant content.
  • Idea of using mathematical packs (hands on materials) for enjoyable learning.
  • Beating everyone
  • Relay – hands on
  • Tangram (3)
  • Competition
  • Letting teachers experiment with problem solving using concrete materials.
  • Showing the staff fun and easy problem solving … and winning!
  • Using hands on activities
  • The stamping, racing other teams
  • Hands-on activities and containers with equipment in them.
  • Interactive – hands on, Problem solving ideas, resources
  • When we had to work things out
  • Having the chance to work with the materials.
  • Being challenged. Having time to discuss problem solving.
  • Great, creative activities. Very engaging. Experimenting with problem solving.


Teachers from Manly Vale Public School