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“Age appropriate, easy to understand, relevant and practical.”

Rebecca Roche


The best thing about the Professional Learning session was:


  • Hands on and engaging nature of the course
  • Relay (4)
  • Practical problem solving and engaging questions.
  • Motivation
  • Hand on activities (4)
  • Logical thinking
  • How hands on and practical it was
  • Lots of practical ideas
  • Hands on (4)
  • Resources
  • Hands on practical ideas
  • The ideas for classroom
  • Short sharp bursts for us
  • Using my brain
  • The whole thing
  • All the hands on activities were great and engaging.
  • Hands on – very important for end of day.
  • Hands on / extension work
  • Relays and battle / barrier games
  • Engagement

Teachers from Murray Farm Public School