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“Thankyou. It was very enjoyable and great to go away with hands on practical activities for the classroom.”

“So engaging! Thanks.”

“A great session!”

“Thank you a great practical session.”


The best thing about the Professional Learning session was:


  • The tactile nature of the activities. Hands on. The levelled activities. Showing solving of activities and variety of solutions.
  • Engaging activities – hands on. Visual aids – power points and discussions. Friendly/ happy to talk.
  • Having a go at the problems.
  • Great activities.
  • Practical hands on examples of questions for students and the thought processes required to solve questions. Easy explanation of topics.
  • It was very, very engaging and practical for the classroom. I got lots of new ideas and I can’t wait to use them.
  • I loved the activities – when is the book and movie coming out?
  • Broad spectrum of ideas to use at all stages of maths activities.
  • Using a variety of strategies, equipment, dynamic and explained thoroughly.
  • Hands on activities. Working with a partner.


Teachers from Mc Cauley Catholic Central School