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Students can now experience the fun of Inquisitive Minds throughout the year with resources to use at school or at home.

Inquisitive Minds Problem Solvers Toolkits

The Problem Solvers Toolkits are designed to give students access to concrete materials which can be used to add a different component to their Maths lessons or to their work at home.

Boxes include:

  • Two ten sided dice
  • Centicubes in six colours
  • Sets of tiles in four colours
  • Sets of counters in four colours
  • Tangram Puzzle
  • 6 plastic shapes
  • Matchsticks

The toolkits are designed for use by students in Primary Schools. They can be purchased for $40 + GST + postage and handling each. (The standard postage in Australia is $10.) 

Orders for Toolkits can be made by filling in the form below.

Debbie is currently creating sets of activities which may be used alongside these toolkits. The target group of these activities is K - 6.


Inquisitive Minds - Top up your Toolkit

Add extra dice to your toolkit for just $2 + GST each. Just let us know when you make your order.


Inquisitive Minds - Supplementary Activities

We are currently working on a range of activities which can be used alongside the toolkits. These activities will include slideshows, videos, open ended tasks, problem solving activities, deep thinking questions and games.

All activities will be available digitally, so that teachers or students can easily use them in the classroom or when working remotely.

The first two sets of activities is nearly ready to go. They include games for Early Stage 1 to 3 (Years K - 6) which are designed to reinforce number skills.


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Please note that we are currently making packs as they are ordered, so large orders may take time to process. 



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