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Students can now experience the fun of Inquisitive Minds throughout the year with resources to use at school or at home.

Inquisitive Minds Problem Solvers Toolkits

The Problem Solvers Toolkits are designed to give students access to concrete materials which can be used to add a hands-on component to their Maths lessons or to their work at home.

Boxes include:openlid4

  • Three ten sided dice
  • Centicubes in six colours (10 of each colour)
  • Sets of tiles in four colours (10 of each colour)
  • Sets of counters in four colours (50 of each colour)
  • Tangram Puzzle (7 pieces)
  • Plastic Shapes (6 pieces)
  • Matchsticks (Assorted colours)


The toolkits are designed for use by students from Preschool all the way up to High School. They can be purchased for $40 + GST + postage and handling each.

* The standard postage in Australia is $10 for an individual pack.

* Free shipping for orders of thirty or more boxes.

Orders for Toolkits can be made by filling in the form below.


Inquisitive Minds - Supplementary Activities

We are currently working on a range of activities which can be used alongside the toolkits. These activities will include slideshows, videos, open ended tasks, problem solving activities, deep thinking questions and games.


Inquisitive Minds - Operation Grid Games

The first Inquisitive Minds activities available for schools to purchase is Operation Grid Games. 

There are three different Operation Grid Games programs; each designed to enable primary school students to develop and reinforce their number skills in a fun and engaging way!

Operation Grid Games : Whole Number 

Targeting Prep and Early Stage 1

Operation Grid Games: Addition and Subtraction 

Targeting Stage 1

Operation Grid Games: Multiplication and Division

Targeting Stage 2 and beyond

The games, support material and additional materials in this program cover content from the Number and Algebra strand of the NSW syllabus. They are designed to give students a strong foundation for later learning by helping them to understand the concepts of number, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The areas covered throughout the programs are:

  • Recognising Numbers
  • Finding the number after a given number
  • Finding the number before a given number
  • Comparing numbers (to determine which is larger)
  • Finding two numbers that add to give ten
  • Finding the difference between two numbers
  • Adding two numbers
  • Finding the difference between a number and twenty
  • Multiplication
  • Division

(All of these areas involve numbers 1 to 10.)

Some of the features of ‘Inquisitive Minds Operation Grid Games’ include:

  • A ‘fun’ approach: As the name suggests, Operation Grid Games offers a fun approach to learning new number skills by incorporating games into maths. Students are given an opportunity to learn and practise working with numbers as they engage in light-hearted competition with their peers.
  • A program applicable to all students K – 6: Operation Grid Games takes content from the K – 4 syllabus, but many Stage 3 and 4 students still have to master multiplication and division. For this reason, the Stage 2 component of the program can be very useful for Stage 3 and 4 students. The Multiplication and Division part of the program also includes enrichment options to ensure that more advanced Stage 3 students can use the program and be exposed to new and challenging ways of thinking.
  • Support Material: The support material provided in this program includes explicit teaching covering instructions on the mathematical content of each concept as well as graphics to use alongside games. The material ensures that students of all abilities find the games accessible and are equipped to approach the activities with confidence. Teachers are encouraged to provide the support material to use alongside games until students feel they can work out answers without this scaffolding.
  • Opportunity for differentiation: Although the programs are each suggested for a particular stage, students are able to progress through the games at their own pace. There is plenty of opportunity for part of a class to be working on more basic concepts, while another part of the class works on more complex skills.‘Operation Grid Games’ also provides an opportunity for differentiation by offering a variety of ways of using each of the game boards. Students in a classroom may all be practising the same concept, but some could be exposed to more complex mathematical thinking as they use a different set of strategies for playing according to more difficult objectives.
  • Opportunity to rethink Maths Homework: Teachers may choose to use Operation Grid Games in their classrooms, or they may like to send games home to provide a varied and creative approach to homework. The instructions to games and the support material have been written in such a way as to explicitly explain to parents how to use the materials. This allows them to support and reinforce the learning that has taken place in the classroom.

The cost of the three programs for a school is $1950 + GST.

This investment gives a school the following:

  • Three reference books containing all of the material from the three programs.
  • A digital copy of all material from the three programs and permission to make unlimited copies of the material for students and staff within the school of purchase.
  • 90 minute Professional Learning Session (face to face or via zoom) to prepare teachers to use Operation Grid Games in their classrooms.

The hands-on material used in ‘Operation Grid Games’ includes ten sided dice, counters, tiles and centicubes. Schools may purchase sets of the ‘Inquisitive Minds Problem Solvers Toolkits’ to ensure that students have quick access to all of the materials required to play the games.

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Please note that we are currently making toolkits as they are ordered, so large orders may take time to process. 

A single card copy of each of the game boards, instructions, division flashcards, support and enrichment material.


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