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Inquisitive Minds Workshops provide a time and cost effective way for schools to provide quality, fun maths activities for their students.

All Workshops are designed and coordinated by Debbie Smith, a qualified and experienced specialist Mathematics teacher and presented in partnership with MANSW (The Mathematical Association of NSW).





Out Of The Box Workshops

Years 3 - 6

Experience Maths as you have never seen it before....


Students will:

Engage with maths activities and brain teasers which demonstrate the value of approaching problems strategically.

Learn a range of problem solving strategies in an interactive mini-lesson.

Select and apply appropriate problem solving strategies as they participate in a hands-on Maths Relay.


Inquisitive Minds will:

Demonstrate the need to read and interpret problems before attempting to solve them.

Model a range of problem solving strategies.

Reinforce the need to double check answers.


Teachers will experience on the job professional learning in the following areas:

Cooperative Learning

Working Mathematically

Fun, Worthwhile, Engaging Maths!!


  • There are two different workshops for Stage 2 and two different Workshops for Stage 3 - enabling students to participate in a unique Workshop each year from 3 to 6!
  • Stage 2 focus: Logical reasoning and Newman's Error Analysis.
  • Stage 2 alternate year focus: Drawing Diagrams, Making Models, Literacy of Maths.
  • Stage 3 focus: Newman's Error Analysis, Logical Reasoning and Working Backwards.
  • Stage 3 alternate year focus: Look for a Pattern and Draw a Diagram.
  • The ideal Workshop size is 60 to 90 students.
  • The timing of Workshops will be adjusted to the needs of your school.
  • Schools may choose to run one, two or three Workshops in one day. (Full or part day bookings available.)
  • Inquisitive Minds supply four team members to coordinate Primary Workshops.
  • Schools are required to provide extra teachers and parent helpers to ensure that students receive as much attention as possible throughout the Workshop.
  • After school Professional Learning available to schools who run a full day booking.
  • Minds in Motion session available to students participating in a full day OOTB Workshop.

Expression of Interest - Request an In-School Workshop (OOTB)



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