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 “Both our students and teachers found the Inquisitive Minds experience to be wonderful. Students were highly engaged in the problems and investigations and activities catered to all ability levels.”       


- Samantha Gooch

 “This incursion was amongst the most valuable incursions my children have ever had.”

- Adam Herborn

“Seeing the students engagement in this program and how much fun they were having set Inquisitive Minds apart from the rest.”

- Ashleigh

“I found this learning session to be informative and insightful, gives teachers a view on how students think.”

- Julie Lawrenson

 “What a great day with the team at Inquisative Minds. Thank you for the 'Hard Fun' you brought loaded in your truck. All of the 290 (approx) mathematicians at Laguna Street Public School who came along loved your challenges.”

- Michelle Tregoning

 “A valuable experience for teachers and students.”

- Jodie Smith


“An excellent program to engage students of all abilities in mathematical thinking.”

- Rebecca Nicholson

“Activities were engaging and really encouraged students to not give up. Great seeing children working in a team and helping each other.”

- Marianne


“The most amazing Maths incursion I've ever attended! Great fun and engagement for all students regardless of ability. True differentiation in action, with great ideas to inspire better classroom practise. Thankyou!!”

- Ellen Payne

“Great experience, providing a more positive and enthusiastic outlook on Maths.”

- Yeliz Yildirim

“An amazing and electrifying incursion. Highly recommend your school participate.”

- Jenny Filpi

“Out of the Box was brilliant. The kids were so engaged and they all experienced success whilst having fun with maths.”

- Tim Vidler

“Fantastic activities that cater for students of all learning needs. It was an excellent hands on and enjoyable experience.”

- Madeline Varian



"Such a worthwhile experience. Students were constantly engaged, enjoying all of the challenges provided."


- Nicole Perry 

"Every one of our Year 3 - 6 students were fully engaged for the entire workshop and many were asking when you'll be back!

The best Mathematics professional learning we've had in a long time. Thankyou."


- Kristen Westcott


The best thing about "Out Of The Box" was:

 "Seeing students engaged!"


 "Use of humour. Kids were all engaged."


 "The relay race."


 "Very engaging, fast paced so kids didn't get bored :)"


 "The kids loved it!!"


 "Very engaging, hands-on."


 "Hands-on enjoyment, group work."


 "Exceptional organisation, simple resources used in exciting ways. Well paced."


 "Students being able to solve problems using concrete materials. Engaging students who may be difficult to engage with appropriate and enjoyable activities."


- Various teachers from Ingleburn Public School  

"Pitched at the right level. Highly engaging."


- Andrew MacRae

The best thing about OOTB was:


 "Active, hands-on, variety of activities, boy-friendly."


 "The involvement of students in the task."


 "Boys were very motivated and involved."


 "Students well challenged and really enjoyed the activities. Brought the maths to life. Great." 


 - Various teachers from Newington College  

"An exciting way to "do" maths without realising you just spent almost 3 hours on having fun learning to think mathematically."


- Sue Young


"Year 6 had a fantastic morning. They were highly engaged and had a good mental work out. All the students enjoyed themselves - both those that love maths and those that are usually more reluctant. Thank you Inquisitive Minds."

 - Deanna Conti

"Hands on and interactive activities for the children which excited and challenged them."

 "Engaging and interactive"


 "Great fun for the children while learning at the same time."


 "Hands on. Interactive and engaging all children for the whole lesson. Children were focused and cooperating the whole lesson."


 "Working in groups."


 "Children worked together - created discussion / teamwork. Lots of hands on."


 "Equipment availability."


 "Everyone can get involved."


 "Kids thought about problem solving together, they seemed to really enjoy it."


 "The hands on activities - students were very engaged and had a great time."



- Various teachers from St Joseph's 

"Our students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive and challenging Maths activities today."


- Kate Drake 

"The children, all ability levels were so engaged. They were out of their seats dancing and shouting with excitement. Thank you."


- Anne Ward 

"Just brilliant! The students were buzzing with ideas and completely engaged."


- Liane Nixon 

The best thing about OOTB was:

 “Students working at own pace, levelled activities suitable for a range of students.”


“Students working together and using mathematical language.”

“Kids getting excited about Maths.”

“Hands on activities are varied, stage appropriate, interactive, relevant to curriculum.”


"Challenging, exciting, teamwork, confidence, self esteem." 

- Various teachers from Sadleir Public School 

“Students were very engaged. The program got students to think mathematically and interactively work with each other to solve problems.”

- Thi Do