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 “Ironbark Ridge Public School had an amazing maths workshop that was very engaging and so much fun. The critical, creative and problem solving skills were supportive of our 21st century learners whilst addressing outcomes and expectations of our maths syllabus. Ironbark Ridge loved it.”       


- Leonie Burton

 “What a great community of schools event to continue to build mathematical problem solving skills in our Stage 2 and 3 students.”       


- Donna Ison

 “What an incredible day of mathematical fun. Thank you for your fantastic organisation and giving my students the opportunity to extend their mathematical thinking. I hope I can take some of your great ideas back to my classroom. Maths is awesome!!!”       


- Leonie Burton

 “An interactive day of games. Who new maths could be so fun?”

- Elisa Mckrell


 “This day gave our talented Maths students the opportunity to test their problem solving skills in a fun and competitive environment. They enjoyed the day immensely and learned valuable strategies that can be applied in the classroom from now on!”

- Melissa Mack

"A day that encouraged co-operation and team building skills whilst enjoying challenging problem solving activities”

- Rosemary Clifton

 “The activities were really engaging and challenging. Lots of cooperative work and opportunities for students to work together.”

- Julie Mitchell

 “An exceptional day! Thankyou! See you in 2017!”

- Diane Murphy

 “Out Of The Box is a wonderful experience for children of all ages. The activities challenge their knowledge and teaches new and different strategies when engaging on maths puzzles. It is a positive and fun way to experience maths.”

- Victoria Hannan

 “Working together with different schools was an amazing experience and I recommend that all schools participate in similar programs.”

- J Shehata

 “The students of Holsworthy Public School had a great day, were challenged in their mathematical thinking and learnt many new strategies. Every student was engaged throughout.”

- Mikaela Butters

 “Fantastic! The kids really loved it! Thank you.”

- Amy Robertson

“Great workshop – well structured, student centred, critical thinking processes. Thanks.”

- Michelle Slee 



"Once again, a totally enaging experience for all. Can't wait to have you back again."

- Kris Westcott 


The Best Thing About Out Of The Box Was:

 "The fantastic organisation, everything ran so smoothly and all students had all the requirements they needed. Also students were constantly engaged."


 "Student interaction. Students completely engaged in all activities."


 "Motivating with rewards and verbal encouragement. Huge variety of topics / questions."


 "All the children were engaged."


 "Students totally involved."



- Teachers attending Talented OOTB Workshop at Kadina High 



"Fantastic Workshop. Every student was 100% engaged."


- Matthew Ralph 

"Such a great opportunity for kids to collaborate with other students who have similar interests and abilities."

- Kylie Leyshon 



"Today's Inquisitive Minds session was thoroughly entertaining for all our pupils - their eagerness to participate was obvious - they didn't stop once - heads down working co-operatively with their peers - they all enjoyed it immensely and I was very impressed with the organisation."


- Victoria Hannan 

"Engagement was the key factor for 'Out of the Box' talented day.

- David Hancock 



"An amazing experience for the students making maths engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved."


- Luke Davila 

"Brilliant. The level of the activities was perfectly suited to the participating students. The students rely on their logic and problem soving ability in an interactive environment. Also a good social experience."

- Brian McNally