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 “These workshops were a great way to start the day. The girls were buzzing all day. So good to hear all the girls talking about Maths and problem solving”

- Mary Ann Grant


 “A fantastic hands-on brains-on session of puzzles and problems. Students rushed back from lunch for more mathematical fun!”

- Richard Loane


 “A fantastically worthwhile day. Year 9 were engaged in maths for 3 full hours - an amazing feat!”

- Amanda Robins - Head of Mathematics

“Great day that engaged all students and even staff from other faculties were impressed and improved their Maths skills and knowledge.”

- Sharon Wyse

“Students were running into each session from recess and lunch and the enthusiasm from students was incredible.” 

- Renee Dawson

“This is certainly money well spent. I’m extremely happy we booked Inquisitive Minds and will do so again. The students were fully engaged and absolutely loved it.”

-  Tracey Scheier

“A great experience for students that extended their problem solving ability and confidence in problem solving.”

- Grace Muscat

“All students loved it!! Even those who don't normally enjoy Maths.”

- Ben Boland

“The students loved it!! I have never seen such enthusiasm and teamwork done so well!!”

- Kylie Hill

“It was lovely to see the girls so engaged in the activities despite the adverse weather conditions (42 degrees in a non-airconditioned hall). The presenters were very helpful with clear and concise instructions, making the day very enjoyable.”

- Lindy Varjavandri

“The excitement and full participation was totally unexpected. There was 100% involvement – and it was maths.”

- David Tweed

“It was very rewarding to see students engaged in your activities and you are to be commended on your resources and the amount of time it took to set it all up – and maintain it.

I have no hesitation in booking you again for next year and recommending you to other schools.”

- P. Hargraves, Head Teacher Mathematics

“Fantastic organisation and orchestration. Kids engaged and competitive.”

- Marianne Degning

“Very worthwhile and students learnt strategies for working mathematically. Great day.”

- Nereida Ryan

 “This day was well worth it. There were activities that challenged the capable and allowed the strugglers to enjoy success.”

- G. Mattes, Head of Mathematics

“A very professionally-run, fun and worthwhile activity.”

- James Gibson

“The sessions were extremely well organised. The tasks were appropriate for all levels and kept the girls engaged throughout. Super friendly leaders and excellent all-round..”

- Sarah Ueda

“A vibrant and exciting problem solving morning. All students active and engaged for 3 hours. Great for all levels of ability.”
- Phil Rigby

“You made Maths come alive for students who usually detest Maths. You held them captive for 300 minutes. Well done!!”

- Patricia Allum

"PPPP was a well organised and fun way to present a variety of mathematical vocabulary and concepts. It was fantastic to see that all ability levels were challenged and there was an opportunity for all ability levels to achieve."

- Tracey Stancliffe 

"Great to see the students actively engaged in problem solving."

- Louise Daymond