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 “Kids loved the opportunity to solve fun problems within their school group and also to network with other schools.”

- Robbie Gifford

 “The day was very enjoyable with students engaged and having fun from start to finish. It is clear that every student gained confidence in problem solving from their involvement.”

- Stephen Abel

“High quality resources, energy from presenters and encouragement of students with great motivators.”

- Mark Battese

 “An excellent day of challenge, fun, development and thinking outside the square. Highly recommended!”

- Jonathon Whiting


 “ Excellent tasks that challenged the kids to think differently ”

- Michael Morrissy

 “ A great concept with excellent facilitators. The students responded really well to the competitive aspect of the day. ”

- Matt Algie

 “ It was a fun productive day, where students were communicating and thinking creatively to solve math problems. ”

- Hannah - Prac Student

 “ Great to see collaboration and interaction between gifted students of the area in solving mathematical problems, while at the sme time having fun . ”

- Josh Corby

 “ What a wonderful day. The kids were engaged and challenged all day. Would highly recommended to every school. ”

- Tracey Hickey

 “A wonderfully engaging set of activities for the students. Gets them thinking.”

- James Mackintosh

Year 10 Talented Day 

“I have an Amazing group of High Achieving students who are not all high achievers in Maths, yet Inquisitive Minds caters for everyone! The students leave this event loving Maths (no matter how good they are at it) Everyone has the chance to excel and they do!”       


- Jo Beeby

 “Excellent presentation, fabulous activities, beautifully organised and so much fun! Would recommend it to any school. Thanks heaps.” 

- Lesley Kajker

Lesley Krajcer 

 “Inspite of missing our schools 49th birthday celebrations the Year 9 girls wouldn’t have missed the experience, challenges and teamwork. What a great day of mathematics with Inquisitive Minds.” 

- Sue Lynne

“The PPPP Inquisitive MInds session was a great way of challenging and engaging Gifted and Talented Mathematics students. The course is highlly recommended.”

- Sid Gurjar


“Students had a lot of fun solving and learning to solve mental maths problems. They learnt new strategies and techniques to solve puzzles. Would like to attend more of these workshops..”

- Meetu Chhabra


“It was an engaging, fun and challenging day for students. They were allowed time to think about how to solve problems. All of the excellent challenging puzzles we don't have time to do in the classroom.”

- Craig Marland


“A really worthwhile experience. I would highly recommend to schools to take up the opportunity of a presentation.”

- Graham Hudson

“It was amazing. All students were engaged in interesting, challenging activities. They also learnt problem solving strategies to use in the classroom.”

- Tracy Scollay

“It was great to watch so many students actively involved in hands-on tasks at one time!”

- Shaun Fletcher

“What a fantastic experience! I have never seen students so engaged and excited about maths activities! Thankyou!”

- Robyn Morris

“A lot of work, thought and time has gone into your day and as a result, it works very well. We will certainly participate again.”

- Phil Cameron

“Fun way of challenging talented students."

- Brett Marsh