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“Great to see students actually running to finish a Maths problem. The collaborative work was amazing - minds were buzzing.”

- Liza Moodie

“PPPP was an extremely successful day.

Our students were highly engaged and enjoyed the challenges and the interaction with other students.

As a teacher, it was very interesting to listen to the discussions the students had about the problems.”

- Ann McPherson 



“A really well organised and structured day.

Our students loved the hands on activities and the various challenges kept them interested and motivated throughout the day.”


- Steve Ross 

“Great to see students engaged and excited.”


- Kathy Baguley 

“Maths made fun = maths is fun”


- Kate Hart 

“All students participated enthusiastically and were engaged for the duration of the session. It was clear that they enjoyed the challenge.”


- Robyn Harris 

“Excellent presenter! Useful staff – very encouraging. Beautifully made resources!”

- M.Hill



“Great course. Worth a day! The students really enjoyed the day – they wanted more!”

- S.M.Prasad 



"The day was brilliant. Well organised and the students were engaged the entire day. We'll be back next year!"

- Kathy Kalachian


"An excellent day for the students. Extremely worthwhile."

- David Bilbija


“A fantastic day where our students learnt valuable problem solving skills, learnt how to work together and had a lot of fun at the same time.”


- Carly Kennedy

"Students thoroughly enjoyed the variety of challenging questions and competitions."


- Merryn Penny 

"This was an excellent day for all students, a great variety of fun activities and laughter was enjoyed by all. Thoroughly recomended!"


- Damien Allan 

"My students had a great time and loved all the hands-on activities. It brought out their competitive nature!"


- Shaun Fletcher 

"So much fun watching the students actively engaged in maths with a smile on their faces and eager to participate."


- Matt Lovasz 

"This type of challenge makes students more interested in Mathematics and improves their ability to perform in Mathematics."


- George Morkos 

"The workshop today was fantastic. The students were so engaged in the questions and had such a fun time doing them; it was great to see. Thankyou Debbie and Derek."


- Andrea Barkla 

"A fun and engaging way to learn more about problem solving and mathematical reasoning. Very worthwhile."

- David Kroek 

"A fantastic, dynamic and challenging maths day that our students thoroughly enjoyed."


- Helen Schmetzer 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was great to see students problem solving and enjoying themselves."


- R Malone 

"This is a fantastic day. Students are engaged in stimulating activities and come away feeling they had achieved and been challenged."


- Lorett Gray 

"Enjoyed kids really getting involved in maths and using all of their skills in a fun hands on way!"

- Amber Bradley