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"I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was extremely well organised and the students were fully involved in the problem solving all day. The atmosphere was relaxed (with music) but all students were engrossed and challenged."

- K Slaughter 



"Inquisitive Minds presented the students with a fantastic variety of mathematical challenges which kept them (and the teachers) engaged and entertained all day!"


- Lauren Broady 

"What a fantastic day!! The students were totally engaged at all times all with smiling faces. I thoroughly recommend Inquisitive Minds to all schools."


- David Steel 

"It was a day filled with fun (with maths) and learning."


- Manjeet Kaur 

"What an awesome, math and fun filled day! Challenging and encouraging all at the same time."


- Stephanie O'Sullivan 

"A great day with great activities for the students. I would definitely recommend it, the students got a lot out of it."

- Ruth Glasgow 



"An excellent opportunity for good mathematicians to apply different problem solving techniques to a variety of problems. Also, it allowed students to 'have a go' at difficult problems."

- Marian Dunbar 



"A new way to approach maths learning."

- Julie Wright 



"It was inspirational to see students highly engaged with Mathematics and working co-operatively with each other."


- Nick Dawes


"Excellent! Our students were so engaged they worked through the lunch break."


- Belinda Elliot

"A great experience for the students. They were fully engaged for the full session and enjoyed the challenges."

- Peter Wallace 



"Excellent program. Students are fully engaged in problem solving challenges. They enjoy using the skills/strategies learnt today and solve some challenge questions."

- Crystal Little 



"Challenging, rewarding, engaging, exciting."


- Cass Wenham 

"The day was a great success! Students from Francis Greenway were engaged and motivated. Lots of fun and challenge were had."


- Stephen Abel 

"Talked to students - they had a great time. It was very rewarding. Made students think outside of the box and made Maths more relevant."


- Hans Zimmermann

"A challenging and fun day of Mathematics."


- Naomi Riley 

"An excellent day - the students loved the hands-on challenges, making new friends ... and winning lots of prizes!"


- Jenny Lill 

The best thing about PPPP was:

"Variety! Students were continuously engaged by a range of diverse activities challenging their numeracy, spatial, comprehension and general problem solving skills. Mixing schools for the last session was a great way for students to collaborate and share their problem solving strategies." 


- Natalie O'Dell 

“A great way to extend able students especially from smaller High Schools.”


- Matthew Cambey 

“A brilliant day! The students loved it! The puzzles were challenging yet accessible by all! Don’t think about it, book your students in today. They will love it!”

- Jo Beeby