2017 In Summary….

During 2017, close to 12000 students from 140 schools will have participated in an Inquisitive Minds Workshop.

With six different OOTB primary workshops and a smorgasbord of PPPP workshops available for secondary students, teachers are inviting us into their schools again and again.

We pride ourselves on our ability to engage students of all abilities and tailor our programs to accommodate schools needs.

Some of our highlights this year ….

We’ve seen a school without space to run a workshop take all of their Year 8’s to another school so that they could get the ‘Inquisitive Minds Experience’.

We ran our biggest ever Talented Maths Workshop, with 114 students from 8 primary schools gathering to participate in a day of unique and exhilarating challenges.

We watched absolutely brilliant minds at work in our new Talented Year 10 Workshop. (Listening to students discuss complex problem solving strategies with each other always gives me a buzz!)

We were invited to run sessions with groups of 5.1 students to build their confidence in preparation for NAPLAN.

We ran inspiring Professional Learning Sessions with teachers in schools around NSW and in Cambodia, as well as at the MANSW Annual Conference. 

We were booked for a whole week in one school so that every single student from Year 7 – 10 could experience Inquisitive Minds!

We’ve been a part of Year 7 – 9 STEM festivals.

We’ve spent a day with small groups of Year 6 students – making Inquisitive Minds part of their ‘end of primary school’ experience.

We’ve had astonished teacher’s aides tell us (on so many occasions) how thrilled they were to have seen their students more engaged than ever before.

We’ve had many parents helping out with marking when we’ve visited their children’s schools. Many remarked to us how grateful they were to have been able to see first hand just how fun maths can be!

On many occasions, we’ve had students queue at the door at the end of recess or lunch, counting down the seconds until they could continue with the competition.

We’ve even had students say ‘yes’ when we asked if they wanted to keep working into lunch!

Time and time again, we’ve seen students enter our workshops with a negative attitude, but then groan with disappointment when the experience comes to a conclusion.

With the vast majority of our 2018 workshops already taken, now is the time to contact us to discuss how we can create the best possible Inquisitive Minds experience for your students!

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