2020 – A New Way

2020 has taken a whole different direction to what we had anticipated!

With face to face contact with students out of the question for most of Term 2, we had a chance to spend doing something we have wanted to do since starting the business nearly eight years ago – make resources!

The first product we have released is the ‘Inquisitive Minds Problem Solvers Toolkit’. This is a box of hands-on materials which teachers can use when planning maths and problem-solving lessons. The materials may be used in the classroom or at home and allow a creative and concrete approach to learning.

Inside each toolkit you will find:

  • Three ten sided dice
  • Centicubes in six colours (10 of each colour)
  • Sets of tiles in four colours (10 of each colour)
  • Sets of counters in four colours (50 of each colour)
  • Tangram Puzzle (7 pieces)
  • Plastic Shapes (6 pieces)
  • Matchsticks (Assorted colours)

We are also in the process of writing a series of programs to improve the number skills of primary school students.

‘Operation Grid Games’ is a differentiated program which includes a range of games and support materials for students from Kindergarten to Year 4.

The program is alligned with the NSW and Australian Syllabus.

It covers foundational skills such as identifying numbers and works through to assisting students in understanding and learning their times tables and division facts. 

The programs should be ready for release during Term 3.

Keep posted for more details!

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