Out of the Box and PPPP at the Newington STEM Festival

From Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th of October, Newington College ran a three day STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Festival. Inquisitive Minds were privileged to be part of this amazing event!

Students worked in groups of four to solve as many problems as they could in a 50 minute Out of the Box (Year 6) or PPPP (Year 7) Hands-on Competition.

Teachers commented on the energy, excitement and engagement of the boys. They loved the hands-on nature of the competition and the way that the structure of the Workshop catered so well for boys. One teacher said that they loved the way that we “Brought the Maths to life!”

What amazed me the most was that the last group of boys (who came through last period on Friday afternoon), after participating in three whole days of STEM activities, were without a doubt the most energetic bunch of students that we have ever had the pleasure of entertaining! Love your work boys!!

Click here to see some photos of the event. (Inquisitive Minds features on the front page of the Newsletter, plus in the 2014 STEM Festival Section.)

“Group Work + Challenge Problems + Chocolate = Fun

We all know how maths problems can be engaging and stimulating but it takes enormous time and energy to prepare.Inquisitive Minds can take care of it all for you.”

Doug Vass

Head of Mathematics

Newington College

Just as an aside, AIS offered funding for STEM Projects this year. If you are involved in an independent school, you may like to look into making an application if funding is offered again in the future. 

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