Feedback from the Talented Maths Workshop at Killara Golf Club

On the 27th October, 2014, students from Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College, Masada College and Ryde Secondary College attended the Inquisitive Minds Talented Mathematicians Workshop at Killara Golf Club.

Students started off solving puzzles and riddles. They then learnt a range of problem solving strategies as they competed in an interactive problem solving lesson. After lunch, students were pushed out of their comfort zones as they were asked to pick a partner from a different school for the Hands-on Problem Solving Competition.

Teachers loved the student engagement and competition between students. They also commented that having mixed school pairs and getting students physically active in the hands-on competition were some of the highlights of the Workshop.

Evaluations showed that the students loved the atmosphere and that they enjoyed learning new problem solving strategies. As always, students wrote that they loved the interactive and competitive side of the day (and the chocolates!) Funnily enough, although there was a fair bit of hesitation about picking an ‘unknown’ partner, many evaluations said that meeting and working with new people were the best things about the day!

Take a few seconds to see what some of the students had to say about the Workshop

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