Maths teachers try PPPP for themselves.

From the 12th to the 14th of September 2014, Maths and Primary School teachers from around NSW (and beyond) gathered for the MANSW Annual Conference.

We decided to run our PPPP Hands-on Competition so that teachers could see for themselves just how engaging and beneficial PPPP is.

It was great to see again how versatile our competition is. PPPP really can engage everyone!

(From the some of the Year 8 students we work with who generally detest maths, to Maths teachers who love it so much that they spend their free time at Maths Conferences!!)

The competition was fierce and more than one teacher admitted that they felt a little performance pressure!!

The winners are shown below. Congratulations to Esther and Ros for placing first on Friday and to Gaby, Phil and Ori for winning the Saturday competition.

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