PPPP Workshops for Selective Schools

We are often asked whether PPPP is able to cater for students who are extremely capable mathematicians.

The answer is YES! 

On many occasions, we have had students attending In-school Workshops who are in Year 8, but currently studying Maths at a Year 9, Year 10 or even Year 11 level. There are plenty of challenging questions to keep them busy! When we have asked these students for feedback, they have told us what a fun and enriching experience PPPP has been.

In December, 2014, we visited our first fully selective school. Year 8 students from Baulkham Hills High School were extended ‘sideways’, as they worked in pairs to engage in ‘fun maths’.

In the video below, Jason Ribbans, the Head Teacher of Mathematics at Baulkham Hills High School, gives some feedback on the PPPP Workshop.

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