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Inquisitive Minds is the brain-child of Debbie Smith, a skilled secondary Mathematics educator.

Debbie has a passion for improving student attitude and performance in Mathematics.

She has a talent for creating activities, competitions, games and hands-on resources that require students to think ‘outside the box’.

Debbie shares her ideas and experience through Inquisitive Minds Professional Learning sessions.

Cups and Counters
Primary School Teachers (K – 6)
‘Cups and Counters’ is a 90 – 120 minute Professional Learning Workshop which looks on ways of incorporating concrete materials (primarily cups and counters) into teaching.

The focus of the session is looking at the problem solving strategies:

Look for a Pattern
Logical Reasoning
Working Backwards
During the session, teachers will:

Attempt a variety of problems and activities.
Explore efficient strategies which could be used to solve these problems.
Write some problems of their own.
Brainstorm ways of implementing activities in their own classrooms.
Schools will be left with a copy of all problems and solutions presented in the session.

If time permits, this session will include one of our ‘Out of the Box’ Relays. This will give teachers the experience of a competitive maths challenge and will open their mind to a range of different ways that concrete materials and problem solving can be used in their classrooms.

  • ‘Cups and Counters’ may be run at the end of a full day of Inquisitive Minds Workshops (a very cost effective option) or as a stand-alone Workshop.

Contact us to request a ‘Cups and Counters’ Workshop.

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