Senior Students Experience PPPP

The benefits of involving senior students as assistants in your PPPP Workshop are enormous!

Year 8 and seniors alike enjoy the interaction and it builds stronger relationships between year groups.

It frees teachers and Inquisitive Minds staff to give more individualised attention to the students participating in the workshop.

The experience develops mathematical confidence in the seniors and gives them a leadership opportunity.

Being part of the Workshop also gives seniors the chance to see some new strategies and thus improve their own problem solving skills!

After seeing the workshop run without senior helpers in 2013 and then with them in 2014, Marianne Degning, the Head Teacher of Mathematics at Ambarvale High School gave the following feedback:

“Having senior students assisting on the day was fantastic. It allowed teachers more time to interact and help students when required and the whole day just ran so well. The year 10 helpers that we invited on the day were really impressed and enjoyed every aspect. They have been asking daily if we can run workshops like this every week!”

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