Linear Logic (Level 2)


Linear Logic (Level 2) is a collection of ten logical reasoning puzzles.


Linear Logic (Level 2) is a collection of ten logical reasoning puzzles.

The puzzles have been designed to improve students’ mathematical literacy and reasoning skills.

The Inquisitive Minds YouTube Channel has a lesson to help students who are learning the process of logical reasoning. Students may find this helpful to watch before attempting the challenges in this collection.

Included in this collection:

1 printable document with 15 pages in PDF format:

  • Overview – 2 pages
  • Linear Logic (Level 2) – 10 pages (one for each challenge)
  • Linear Logic (Level 2): Answers – 2 pages
  • Linear Logic (Level 2): Stamp Sheet – 1 page

We recommend that the PDF is printed on A5 sized paper or cardboard.

Additional Equipment Required:

We recommend that students use coloured counters or centicubes to complete these challenges.

The Problem Solver’s Toolkit contains all the equipment required to used to complete the challenges – and more!

Target Group:

The challenges in the Linear Logic series are relevant to students across a number of years in Primary and Secondary School.

The Level 2 challenges are the second of five collections in this series, and therefore more relevant to students who are early in their logical reasoning journey.

The Position statements found in these challenges are in the Early Stage 1 / Foundation (MAe-16MG, ACMMG010) and Stage 1 / Years 1 and 2 (ACMMG023. ACMMG044, MA1-16MG) syllabus.

However, we believe that the literacy and reasoning demands of the questions make these activities more applicable as a problem solving activity for older students.


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