Coloured Sudoku: 5 x 5


Coloured Sudoku: 5 x 5 is a collection of coloured suduko puzzles. The twenty puzzles in this collection each use 5 colours placed in 5 by 5 grids.


Coloured Sudoku: 5 x 5 is a collection of easy coloured sudoku puzzles.

The twenty puzzles in this collection each use 5 colours which are placed in 5 by 5 grids.

The challenges are difficult and they become more and more complex as students progress through them.

The puzzles have been designed to challenge students and to build their confidence as they develop their ability to think logically.

Once students have worked through these puzzles, they will be ready to try the more difficult challenges in our 6 x 6 Sudoku Challenges.


1 printable document with 29 pages in PDF format:

  • Overview – 3 pages
  • Coloured Sudoku: 5 x 5 Challenges – 20 pages (one for each challenge)
  • Coloured Sudoku: 5 x 5 Answers – 5 pages
  • Coloured Sudoku: 5 x 5 Stamp Sheet – 1 page

It is recommended that the PDF is printed on A5 sized paper.

Additional Equipment required to play the game:

  • 5 cubes or counters in each of the colours: red, green, blue, yellow, purple.

The Problem Solver’s Toolkit contains all the equipment required to used to complete the challenges – and more!

Target Group:

The activities in the Coloured Sudoku Series are appropriate for students across a range of year groups in Primary and Secondary schools.

The 5 x 5 challenges are the second hardest in this series.

We rate the problem solving skill required for this collection to be 3 out of 5.


An instructional video showing students some ways of tackling sudoku challenges can be seen here: YouTube


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