Tangram Trouble (Level 4)


Tangram Trouble (Level 4) is a challenging collection of ten coloured tangram puzzles.


Tangram Trouble (Level 4) is a collection of ten coloured tangram puzzles.

The puzzles in this collection have been selected to challenge and enrich students who are familiar with tangrams.

Once students have worked through these puzzles, they will be ready to try the extreme challenges in our Tangram Trouble (Level 5) collection.


1 printable document with 15 pages in PDF format:

  • Overview - 1 page
  • Tangram Pieces – 1 page
  • Tangram Trouble (Level 4) - 10 pages (one for each challenge)
  • Tangram Trouble (Level 4): Answers - 2 pages
  • Tangram Trouble (Level 4): Stamp Sheet - 1 page

The PDF should be printed on A4 sized paper or cardboard.

Additional Equipment required to play the game:

  • 7 tangram pieces

The Problem Solver’s Toolkit contains all the equipment required to used to complete the challenges – and more!

  • A copy of the seven puzzle pieces is provided in the PDF for students who do not have access to an appropriately sized set of tangram pieces. This may be printed and laminated to use with the challenges.

Target Group:

We recommend the activities in the Tangram Trouble series for students from Year 3 to Year 10.

Level 4 is the second most difficult collection in this series.


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