Division DIY Flash Cards


Division DIY Flash Cards includes a template for 90 flash cards which can be used to play the games in our Division Card Games series.


Division DIY Flash Cards includes a template to make 90 division flash cards.

This download is an economical way of making the cards required to play the games in our Division Card Games series.

The flash cards may also be used apart from these games to help students to develop their recall of division facts.

Division DIY Flash Cards may be used as a complete or part set of cards. For instance, in earlier years, the more advanced division facts may be removed to play games using only the divide by 2, 3, 5 and 10 cards.


1 printable document with 9 pages in PDF format.
Makes 90 cards sized 81 mm x 38 mm

Support Material Available:

Multiplication and Division (Support) may be purchased to used alongside these cards. The material outlines how to use arrays and skip counting to multiply and divide. It includes graphics which may be used alongside the Flash Cards as students develop an understanding of division.

Alternate purchase:

Note that Inquisitive Minds: Division Flash Cards may be purchased as a ready-made set of cards. These cards have the same function as Division DIY Flash Cards but they will save time on production and are far more colourful and durable!

Syllabus References:

  • Australian Syllabus Reference: ACMNA056 (Year 3), ACMNA075 (Year 4)
  • NSW Syllabus Reference: MA2-6NA (Stage 2)


A video showing our Division Card Games in action can be seen here: YouTube


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