One Less (Grid Games)


One Less (Grid Games) includes two board games which provide an engaging way of identifying the number which is one less than a given number from 1 to 10. 


One Less (Grid Games) includes two board games from the Operation Grid Games: Whole Number series.

The two included games are One Less: Fill a Game Board and One Less: Line of Four. They give students a fun way to practise identifying the number which is one less than a given number from 1 to 10.


1 printable document with 4 pages in PDF format:

  • One Less: Fill a Game Board – Game Board
  • One Less: Fill a Game Board – Instructions
  • One Less: Line of Four – Game Board
  • One Less: Line of Four – Instructions

Number of Players:

  • One Less: Fill a Game Board: 2 – 4 players
  • One Less: Line of Four: 2 players

Additional Equipment required to play the games:

  • 1 ten-sided die
  • 35 coloured counters for each player

The Problem Solver’s Toolkit contains all equipment required to play the games – and more!

Support Material Available:

One Less (Support) may be purchased to use alongside these games to give students a hands-on way of finding one less than a given number.

Target Group: 

  • Australian Syllabus Reference:ACMNA001 (Foundation)  
  • NSW Syllabus Reference:MAe-4NA (Early Stage 1)   

Operation Grid Games YouTube and Free Overview:

One Less (Grid Games) is part of the Operation Grid Games – Whole Number collection.

A quick reference for teachers, including a contents page, recommendations for how to best use the activities in this series and a summary of learning intentions and syllabus outcomes may be downloaded here:

Free Download

A video giving an overview of the range of activities available in Operation Grid Games may be viewed here:


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