• Secondary Workshops

    Designed to improve your students’ attitude and performance in Maths
  • Primary Workshops

    Find out how our Workshops can benefit students at your school
  • Concrete Materials 

    Hands-on learning made accessible
  • Downloadables

    Engaging resources for school or home

Workshops & resources 

Secondary Workshops

Inquisitive Minds’ Secondary Workshops challenge and extend students of all mathematical abilities, teaching them new skills and enhancing their ability to solve problems.
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Primary Workshops

Stage 2 and 3 students experience quality, fun hands-on Maths lessons and competitions which build a passion for Maths and Problem Solving.

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Concrete Materials

Inquisitive Minds have a collection of concrete materials that make hands-on learning readily accessible without hours of organisation by teachers and parents.
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Inquisitive Minds have a growing collection of engaging resources which may be used in the classroom or to reinforce learning at home.

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