Secondary In-school Workshops

Inquisitive Minds Workshops provide a time and cost effective way for schools to provide quality, fun maths activities for their students. All Workshops are designed and coordinated by Debbie Smith, a qualified and experienced Secondary Mathematics teacher.

Problems, Patterns, Pictures Puzzles Workshops

YEAR 7 to YEAR 10
Students will be immersed in mathematical and logical thinking as they learn and utilise foundational and advanced problem solving strategies.
They will:

Participate in an interactive lesson on problem solving strategies.

Work together on our diverse range of original hands-on problems.

  • Catering for Year 7 - 10 students of all abilities.
  • When we come into your school, we are able to run a full day of workshops. How you use that time is up to you! Most schools request us to run PPPP for two or three groups of around 60 students in the day.
  • PPPP Workshops include an interactive problem solving lesson and a hands-on problem solving competition.
  • The content of our lessons will be tailored to your students' needs. Lessons typically include a variety of problem solving strategies, including 'logical reasoning', 'make a pattern', 'draw a diagram' and 'make a list'. How far we take students with each of these strategies depends on the timing of the session and the ability of the students that we are working with.
  • Our hands-on competition includes 54 questions, ranging from easy to difficult, so that students of all abilities are able to access challenging and stimulating questions.
  • An Engineering and Building Session is available for students participating in a full day PPPP Workshop.

Expression of Interest

Fill in the form below to request a day of Inquisitive Minds PPPP Workshops in your school.

Please note that our in-school workshops are booked out for 2024 - but the 2025 calendar is open!

When we receive your form we will contact you to look at dates and discuss other organisational details with you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

What they are saying...

"It is inspiring for teachers to see how clever competition and easy to develop puzzles can have students so excited about and deeply engaged in Mathematics."
- Karen Rogers
Orange High School
“This day was well worth it. There were activities that challenged the capable and allowed the strugglers to enjoy success.”
- Greg Mattes
St George Christian School
“Students were running into each session from recess and lunch and the enthusiasm from students was incredible.” 
- Renee Dawson
Aurora College
“A fantastically worthwhile day. Year 9 were engaged in maths for 3 full hours - an amazing feat!”
- Amanda Robins
The Armidale School
“The sessions were extremely well organised. The tasks were appropriate for all levels and kept the girls engaged throughout. Super friendly leaders and excellent all-round.”
- Sarah Ueda
Kambala School
"A great initiative to introduce and extend our students with enjoyable problem solving tasks. It showed our students that with persistence any mathematical problem is doable! Highly recommended and gave me great ideas for the classroom."

-Jake Little
Wenona School
“These workshops were a great way to start the day. The girls were buzzing all day. So good to hear all the girls talking about Maths and problem solving”
- Mary Ann Grant
Abbotsleigh School
"PPPP was a well organised and fun way to present a variety of mathematical vocabulary and concepts. It was fantastic to see that all ability levels were challenged and there was an opportunity for all ability levels to achieve."
- Tracey Stancliffe
Mercy Catholic College
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